Collection Descriptions

Collection Description
Aging Populations Items pertaining to older people and family violence. 
Calls to Action Items pertaining to initiatives that ask people to act in some way to further the goals of the ACWS.
Children & Youth Items pertaining to children and youth, particularly as it relates to family violence and child welfare.
Data Collection & Distribution Items referencing ACWS reports and/or data related to domestic violence more broadly.
Government & Legal Items referencing issues and topics pertaining to government and/or law. These include, but are not limited to, items related to policy, funding, governmental actions, etc.
Indigenous Resilience & Worldviews Items pertaining to Indigenous self-determination and community programs that work to uphold Indigenous place-based knowledges and prevent family and interpersonal violence.
Intervention Items pertaining to intervention strategies, supports against family violence, and resources for shelter workers.
Prevention Items referencing ways to proactively recognize and/or prevent family violence and gendered violence.

Collections and Sub-collections