ACWS/UAlberta Community Service Learning Students

About the CSL Partnership with UAlberta

In 2020, the Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters (ACWS) entered into a multi-year partnership with Dr. Deb Verhoeven at the University of Alberta (UAlberta) to work with the students in her Building Intersectional Feminist Archives course (DH 530/GSJ 598/WGS 498) on a Community Service Learning (CSL) project to create the ACWS digital archive which you are currently viewing.

2021 CSL Cohort

The  2021 CSL cohort was made up of six (6) students, a mix of four (4) graduate students (three (3) LIS students and one (1) DH) and two (2) undergraduate students (one (1) humanities and one (1) science). This group was tasked with building upon and expanding the work done by the 2020 cohort including description of newly added items; creation of an exhibition; conducting usability and accessibility audits; updating the web pages; and editing and updating the training materials.

2020 CSL Cohort

The innaugural  group of CSL students from UAlberta was made up of a mix of nine (9) undergraduate and graduate students. These students come from various academic backgrounds including: Undergraduate Women and Gender Studies Majors, Digital Humanities (DH) Master's Students, Master's of Library and Information Studies (LIS) Students and Gender and Social Justice Master's Students.