Item Tag Descriptions

Tags are more informal ways of linking items together based on similar properties or information. Items have tags attached to them that can be clicked on to find similarly related items.  

Below is a full description for each tag.

Tag  Description

Abuse—Older adults

Any action or inaction (whether physical, psychological, sexual, financial, medical, spiritual, cultural, systemic, a form of abandonment, or neglect) that negatively impacts or causes harm to the health or well-being of a person. Can be categorized based on population affected (ie.  Abuse -- Older Adults; Abuse -- Children, Abuse -- Women, etc.)
Access to Education Materials pertaining to receiving education or training
Accountability Taking responsibility; holding organizations and governments responsible for promises or agreements
ACWS Children's Project ACWS project that supports the development, integration, and evaluation of encouraging child support practices in family shelters and shelter organizations in Alberta.
Administrative Reform Agreement A 1991 agreement between the Minister of Alberta Social Services and the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs regarding the financial support given to on-reserve shelters and programs. This agreement states that on-reserve supports and services should be receiving the same funding as other supports in the province.
Advocacy Acts of support and recommendation towards influencing policy, funding, circumstances, etc.
Anti-Oppression Materials pertaining to the strategies, theories, actions and practices that actively challenge systems of oppresssion on an ongoing basis in one's daily life and in social justice work
Anti-Racism Materials pertaining to the active process of identifying and eliminating racism by changing systems, organizational structures, policies, and practices and attitudes, so that power is redistributed and shared equitably
Assembly of First Nations National advocacy group for First Nations and Indigenous peoples in what is now known as Canada
Business Plan Any documents with business objectives and goals
Child and Youth Welfare Materials pertaining to services, supports, or advocacy surrounding the needs and/or welfare of children and youth
Child Custody Legal term of guardianship between a caretaker or parent and a child
Children and Youth Services Relating to the Child and Youth Services branch of the Canadian Government
Colonialism Any items that pertain to colonialism and colonial power structures
Community Collaboration Community members working together to identify, support and collaborate on issues
Community Services Any social services that support and build community
Conference Materials Any materials relating to ACWS conferences
Consent Form A form providing permission and understanding of process
Contract A written agreement, typically concerning employment or housing
Correspondence Communication via letters or emails
Cost of Living Amount of income that is needed to maintain a healthy standard of living
Cultural Awareness Any items that pertain to building more cultural awareness and understanding; supports and resources that recognize and uphold difference, as well as challenge issues relating to power and privilege
Data Any material pertaining to data counts, releases, or collection strategies.
Decolonization Any materials that deconstruct and challenge colonialism and Western approaches
Development Process that encourages progress and growth
Discrimination Unjust prejudicial treatment based on factors such as gender, sexuality, race, religion, ethnicity, age, etc.
Engaging Men and Boys Any materials that inform men and boys about family violence and accountability
Events ACWS events or related events.
Exploitation Materials pertaining to the abuse of power in order to benefit
Family violence Any form of abuse or mistreatment from a family member or from an intimate or close relationship.
Financial Statements Includes ACWS statements of yearly financial positions, changes in net assets, operations, cash flow, and grant schedules
Financial Support & Funding Funds and supports received or requested from the government, community stakeholders and charitable organizations
Gender and Sexuality Any materials relating to gender, gender expression and sexuality
Global Any items pertaining to global responses to family violence, global issues and/or global solidarities
Global Network of Women's Shelters A global group of shelter organizations that advocate and work in solidarity to end violence against women and family violence
Government of Alberta Materials pertaining to the provincial government
Helping Hands ACWS project providing support for young children in shelters
INAC Federal government department responsible for government commitments and agreements with Indigenous peoples; 'Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada', previously titled 'Indian and Northern Affairs Canada'
Inclusivity Any materials pertaining to the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized
Indigenous Self-Determination Any materials pertaining to Indigenous communities, Indigenous resilience and/or Indigenous programs
Infographic Graphic visual representations of data
Information Sheet A sheet that presents information or data concisely
Manual User guide
Memorandum A document that records the terms of a contract
Newcomer Populations Materials pertaining to recent immigrants or people who are newly arrived in Canada
On-reserve shelters Materials pertaining to on-reserve shelters
Personal Accounts First hand accounts and personal stories
Position statement A statement written to provide direction for an organization.
Presentation ACWS presentations (speaking notes, slideshows)
Press & Media Release Communications released by ACWS
Preventative strategies Recommendations and suggestions to address and stand against abuse and violence within communities
Professional Development Any educational training or materials that increases the capacities and capabilities of employees
Program Syllabus Outline and timeline of a specific program
Projects ACWS projects or other projects towards ending family violence.
Racism Materials pertaining to prejuidce, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically on that is a minority or marginalized
Recommendations Suggestions made by ACWS as best course of action
Reports Updates on the progress of projects, collections of data consolidated
Research Any research relating to or conducted by ACWS
Resources Supporting material
Resources for Shelter Workers Documents and information to help support shelter employees
Risk Assessment Materials related to risk assessments
Second-Stage Shelters Any materials relating to second stage shelters, which are programs and housing accommodations for parents with children who have experienced family violence and need support towards beginning or continuing independent living
Wage Anything relating to income and salary
Wage Disparity Unequal incomes, particularly for feminized care and labor
Walking the Path Together ACWS project focused on on-reserve shelters
Worksheet A sheet listing questions or tasks